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The origin of the word "coach" dates back to the 16th century, from the French "coche", from the German "kotsche" and from the Hungarian "kocsi", which could be translated as "transport of Kocs", name of a small town in Hungary located between Vienna and Budapest, and in which these carriages were built. Etymologically, we could define the word "coach" as a vehicle that takes one or several people from a starting point to a desired destination.


Changing is difficult but not impossible. You can learn, as in everything, but you have to have the need and the desire to change. You could be facing an unplanned moment in life when you need to rethink or restructure your professional or personal path. Or you might want to explore a creative process through methodologies such as Design Thinking and Lateral Thinking.

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On my eclectic trajectory, I’ve had to continually reinvent myself, a journey that clearly embodies the three fundamental aspects of life: Transformation, Change and Adaptation. To reach this conclusion, I had to live it. And by doing so, I came to discover what I love most: empowering others and helping them find their way by unlocking their potential and exploring all the avenues that lead to transformation.

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I look to neuroscience to give rigor to my work and place emphasis on processes of change from the perspective of the functioning and biology of our brain. First, we investigate where we are, we explore where we want to go, and then we develop an action plan divided into phases to reach the desired destination. Although all the developments are different and unique, the processes usually require between 6 and 10 sessions, depending on the issues to be addressed and the coachee’s level of engagement.

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