• Not even in my wildest dreams, I could envisage that you will be willing to read this extensive article that will probably steal almost 40 minutes of your precious time. Reason why I’ve pulled out  some of the cue ideas, intending to awaken your curiosity (if the article's tittle hasn’t done that already).

    I am aware that Mark Manson is a recurring quoted writer in this blog, but to be honest, he nails it.

    Here’s a sad fact: few ever make it to adulthood. And fewer manage to stay there. Why is that?

    Let’s stop pretending. Yes, it’s about time.

  • Alexandra Schwartz makes an hilarious scrutiny of our society's obsessive urge of continuously seeking to be "the best version of ourselves" by pointing out from the neverending technological resources available to the infallible advice offered by best selling authors like Tim Ferris, to Charles Duhigg to Jane McGonigal.

    But the article is centered in the outcome of the book “Desperately Seeking Self-Improvement: A Year Inside the Optimization Movement”, written by Carl Cederström and André Spicer, two business-school professors in a field called “organization studies". The book is a comically committed exploration of current life-hacking

  • 5 essential questions. That simple but paradoxically that rare.

    5 questions we should be asking ourselves constantly, specially, when confronting a controversial situation.

    Wait, what? The root of all understanding.
    I wonder..? The heart of all curiosity.
    Couldn't we, at least..? The beginning of all progress.
    How can I help? The base of all good relationships.
    What really matters? Gets you to the heart of life.

    Explained in detail in the 2016 viral commencement speech of former Dean James Ryan for the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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