Van Gogh is reported to have said this: "If you hear a voice within you say ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."
Thank goodness he did.
Self doubt It's a common and necessary human condition, and it has a clear purpose: looking after our own safety and wellbeing. Actually, non-self-doubt

you are worth it

You are worth it.

How many times did someone say that to you? Great reassuring words; you hear them from a dear friend, your sister perhaps, a colleague at work.


You are worth it.

You hear it, yes, but you can't take it in.

How often you've realized that you should feel worth it, but you don't?

That's the point. It's not about


we are never ready

How many of us fall into the delusion of convincing ourselves that, after the next deadline, when I finish that paper, once I have settled down in my new job (or after quitting my job), once that's over and sorted out, I will finally get myself to do what I came here to do, which is take the necessary steps towards what I believe will lead me to a good and meaningful life?

I see


True Love
Love -True Love- has been one of my main topics forever, but even more so since I got married last year and made the commitment, in front of my friends and family, to "Love Well". Big deal.
But what the hell is "loving well"?
Loving seems easy, natural, an effortless feeling, especially if we don't understand

I wish you bad luck

I wish you bad luck. I seriously do.

And excuse me if I sound rude or arrogant, but after reading Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts commencement speech at his son’s ninth-grade graduation (2017), it's the thing I wish you the most.


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