personal boundaries
We all know that we should keep them, nurture them, communicate them. We've all heard about the imperative necessity of saying NO. But the point here is to what to say no to. Before defending them, we should recognize what it means for each one of us "crossing the line." Getting to know where your red flags are, is the previous step to advocate them to the

what you are feeling is grief

If we can name it, perhaps we can manage it. Probably, that discomfort you’re feeling, and have been feeling for months now, is Grief.

That's what David Kessler, the world’s foremost expert on grief who co-wrote with ...

negative emotions

What does science say about the best way for you to deal with difficult or negative emotions?

Lesson one, Emotions are unavoidable. They just happen to you, either you want it or not. They are inevitable. You can’t avoid them, so stop trying and accept that they just show up. Optioning to ignore, silence them or distract yourself from them, just make them louder



You might associate narcissism with high self-esteem, but maybe you already sense that both have very different developmental pathways and outcomes. Actually, narcissistic people score really badly in high self-esteem.

If they constantly seek for positive social feedback and external approval, it is precisely because they don't actually think they are worth it. They need a constant

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