why life is not a journey

In a beautifully illustrated episode of After Skool, British philosopher Alan W. Watts eloquently states why life should not be considered a journey because by doing so we are missing the point the whole way along.

Curious in finding


that chatter in your head

We all talk to ourselves. We need to! We do it in order to remember things, to plan, to solve a problem, to project and evaluate different scenarios... When doing something difficult, we mentally walk ourselves through the steps we need to take. But on top of everything, self-talk helps us to author the stories of our life.

But there are a lot of ways to use language internally. The


the truth about distraction

We all could agree that nowadays, attention is our best asset, meaning our time's investment.

Yes, we are in the era of the attention economy, if you didn't know already. And obviously, there’s a vast global industry dedicated to distracting us and exploiting our best resource: attention.

But framing distraction as a war between the individual and relentless capitalist


intellectual humility

Intellectual humility is a mindset. It doesn't come by default, as it challenges our sense of identity and our need to be right.

Intellectual humility forces us to reconsider our particular and biased view of the world, the same way science does, by first, recognizing and owning our intellectual limitations, and prioritizing pursuing deeper knowledge, truth, and understanding....

The serendipity mindset

We all have heard about the word Serendipity, and we have for sure used to explain the magic of certain apparently random circumstances.

But for researcher Dr Christian Busch, Serendipity is smart, active luck. Is that capacity of seeing meaning in the

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