The way I see it:

You are worth it.

How many times did someone say that to you? Great reassuring words; you hear them from a dear friend, your sister perhaps, a colleague at work.


You are worth it.

You hear it, yes, but you can't take it in.

How often you've realized that you should feel worth it, but you don't?

That's the point. It's not about understanding it, it's about owning it. About being brave enough to believe that you are worth it, just as you are. Just where you are and how you are.

Easier said than done.

But it's something we can help each other to do. We can show up for each other without judgment, by accepting the differences and celebrating what remains when no one is looking.

No, I haven't got nuts. L'Oreal is not paying me for posting this campaign in my blog (although I wish they did), but I have to say, this is a damn good ad, and when you hear it directly from Keathley Winslet's mouth , the message comes right through your heart.

Click play.



Let's work together

Let's work together

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