Our brain is causalistic. It needs to find a cause for every effect, to shape its conception of how the world functions.

But unraveling the reason for any discomfort, habit or behavior doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. It satisfies the curiosity and longing to know where the issue originated, but we simply end up deciphering its origin and not resolving the problem itself.

Coaching starts from where we are and focuses on where we want to go. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to get caught up in searching for the “why” of our situation. Rather we must focus on what we can do to stop being where we don't want to be and move towards a desired state.

Coaching is an effective, clear and efficient methodology for change. We start with an awareness exercise – we need to know what our starting point is and the conditions we are in – to be able to explore where we want to go, always based on our reality.

From there, a strategic plan is drawn up to reach the desired destination in a specific time. Because there is no change if there is no action. And the action is broken down into steps to be followed that, when combined, brings us closer to where we want to go.

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